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#DontStopTheFlames is a series of films from The Flames - Tricky Hat Productions’ company which works with over-50s creating performances based on their own stories, hope and dreams.


Flames across Scotland, Japan and New Zealand are devising with Tricky Hat  to create 8 films over 6 months. The project is supported by Creative Scotland and British Council, facilitated by Scottish Government, and Sendai Cultural Fund.


All the films are free to view, and are available for venues to share as part of their digital programming: please contact me for full information and permissions

 Ironing With BettyDenise from Glasgow's gentle

exploration of living with her mum Betty who

has dementia. 

海(Umi) and the Sea Flames from Japan and one

Scottish Flame, Betty, share traditional Japanese

and Scottish nautical folklore to explore what the

sea means to them.

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The Snow Qween

Shaper/Caper’s The Snow Qween is going fully digital and is now available as a film over the Christmas period! This 30-minute animated film featuring The Snow Qween (performance by Alex McCrossan) is available as a screening in your venue and/or online as a ticketed event.


Gee Whiz! What a rollercoaster of a year!

In the middle of all that whooshing, ducking, whizzing and diving, the Snow Qween and the inhabitants at the Ice Palace seem to have lost something very important needed for the Christmas celebrations… Help, Colonel Caper!

It's a long way to Winterland, and there are lots of icy obstacles and pesky animals in his way. Will he get there in time to help the Snow Qween and save Christmas? What is that important thing that the Snow Qween is looking for?

Join us in this adventure and help the Snow Qween, Colonel Caper, and friends to solve the mystery in time for the Christmas celebration.

Suitable for ages 3-9 and families.

Available from 12th December 2020. 


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The Swings

Co-commissioned by Imaginate Family Day and Merchant City Festival, this giant swing set has 2 swings and is designed to be fully accessible and give your audience the chance to conjure up the joy and freedom of children's swings!

The Swings can be sited indoors or out, and left in situation for days. Members of the public can take turns to swing and that will activate a sound installation.

On one performance day there will be 4 aerial performances on the swings, lasting 12-15 minutes each with 2 performers. The public can use the swings in between performances.

Specially designed with Covid safety measures, the whole structures is easily cleaned and ropes will be covered.

Available in UK and Ireland from mid-July 2021 


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​CIRCLE is a visual, aural and breath-taking experience which combines traditional South Korean music and dance, Scottish aerial dance, and stunning visuals.

Within their cultural collaboration, All or Nothing and MARO explore the circular traces, momentum and patterns of life.  A journey through the seasons. Circle has been created through performance research held in Jeju and Edinburgh in 2019, and was performed in Korea at the end of 2019.


CIRCLE will appeal to anyone interested in music, dance, aerial, circus, visual theatre and traditional arts. With at least 12 performers on stage during the show - a combination of musicians, dancers and aerialists - the work is suitable for mid-scale theatres and halls. 


Funding and support from the Korean Arts Council and Korean Embassy.

Dates available in Scotland Jan/Feb 2021. 


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Don't Stop Me Now

The Flames is a performance company just for people over 50, and it is returning with a new, full-length performance which takes artistic and thematic risks, and promises to challenge the taboos surrounding ageing.

From Tricky Hat Productions, this combination of performance, film and specially composed music highlights the resilience of the over-50s performers and explores the stories behind why they are such an unstoppable force.


This performance will have BSL Integration.

SHOWCASE April 1 2020, The Tron, Glasgow, 7pm. Promoters please contact for ticket. POSTPONED UNTIL 2021

Touring Scotland 2021



Using detailed research findings from The Rendition Project, Tragic Carpet’s radical new work tells the story of one man’s nightmare experience as the first suspect to be taken into the CIA’s detention programme. Something that is currently causing controversy in Scotland.

“...a profoundly moving piece of total theatre… beautiful, exquisitely made show driven by a quiet but fierce sense of humanity and compassion” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman ★★★★
A potent and immersive installation which is where the action takes place and the audience experiences the work – ideal for community spaces, studios, exhibition spaces and galleries.  Uses an innovative mix of puppetry, soundscapes and visual theatre to shine a light on the collusion between the CIA and the British Government - and explores the juxtaposition between extreme vulnerability and absolute power.


Touring Sep/Oct 2021



From All or Nothing and Room to Manoeuvre, Heroes is a fabulous family show for age 5+, 

In their quirky circus universe, two performers (and their miniature sidekicks) explore what it means to be a hero. The dynamic duo tackle the darker side of life in the spotlight and the pressures of being a role model with a never-ending list of enemies. Are we blinded by celebrity? Or are the ordinary people living extraordinary lives our true heroes? Families assemble – don't miss this clever caper told through aerial dance theatre and contemporary circus

​All or Nothing are Scotland's leading aerial dance company, pioneering aerial arts in Scotland since 2006, blending aerial acrobatics with dance, theatre and contemporary circus. 

Touring UK 2021. Also available for festivals


Four Go Wild in Wellies


Four Go Wild In Wellies is touring internationally throughout 2021 & 2022.

Four Go Wild in Wellies, for audiences aged 3-5 years, is a whimsical adventure featuring bobble hats, scarves, tents that have a life of their own and, of course, lots of fun in wellies.

"They dance out their story hilariously and touchingly, much to the delight of the young audience...sheer delight"**** 

Touring 2021 to Broadway New York

WTD Image Portrait - Preferred Image cop

Within This Dust

​This critically acclaimed show from Shaper/Caper is inspired by Richard's Drew's iconic photographs that capture a man falling from the World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attacks.

Choreographer Thomas Small combines text, movement and subtle storytelling​ in an emotive piece of dance theatre.

Within This Dust has had sell-out shows at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and World Trade Centre in New York, in Germany and Brazil, and at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“So beautiful. I had tears pouring down my face” Scotsman****

Can be performed in theatres and rural venues. Workshops and an education pack are available too. 

Touring Sep 13-26 2021.

One-off performances available.

Paper Moon poster.jpg

 Paper Moon 

The moonlight is beautiful, shining across the bedroom floor, but all is not as calm as it seems… Poppy Diddle wakes up to discover that the MoonMoo (the cow that jumped over the moon) has got stuck on the Moon! Poppy’s mission is clear - will you be Poppy’s friend at Astronaut School and help her build paper rockets to get to space and rescue MoonMoo?  5-4-3-2-1-BLAST OFF!

Join Poppy and her dog Peppy for songs and fun as she launches across the canvas sky, at the speed of light, towards the Paper Moon.

Paper Moon, commissioned by Cumbernauld Theatre.

Touring Scotland and England 2021


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